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Brand Global Innovation is a tech company that creates new products and helps enhance existing products.

"We care a great deal about the products we design for our consumers. Creativity, simplicity, quality and emphasis on consumer satisfaction are the building blocks of what we do. We build better quality products that are functional and useful in providing a pleasant consumer experience."
- Founder/CEO David Taylor


We are a dynamic group of innovators motivated to reinvent the world as we know it through technology and innovation.

Our Code

We pride ourselves on staying up to date with the latest trends in tech development. It’s imperative to us to provide consumers with relevant and up to date products.


Good products function, but great products create a memorable user experience. Our company is committed to focusing on every detail of product development. 

Detroit Tech

We are proud to be on the forefront of the tech revolution taking place in Metro Detroit.

We Are Multifaceted

Our great talents at BGI are experienced in the areas of creating mobile applications, television software, automotive design and engineering.


Our team is available to assist you with any project or product that you have in mind. We are available to help at every stage of development.


“We’re here to reinvent the world as we know it through technology.” -BGI


We also made it SIMPLE!

 We place a huge focus on innovative research to ensure that we remain one step
ahead of the competition in an effort to provide the latest advances in technology.



Philosophy & Team


Our team believes in providing consumers with a great product experience. We understand that if you love a product, you will share it. Our passion to develop unique and creative products is fueled by you, our consumer. “If we didn't create it, we made it better!” We pledge to deliver great products that will be valuable and evoked for years to come.


We are a talented group of professionals from diverse backgrounds who are committed to delivering the ultimate consumer experience. We are highly skilled in areas from product development and design, consulting and all things in between. You can trust our team to provide not only quality service, but also exceptional products with excellent consumer satisfaction.

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